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City: Hamra
Region: Beirut

Contact Person: Hicham Nasreddine

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Email: info@powerpharm.net
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Powerpharm was founded in 1989 where a sophisticated solid infrastructure was built to ensure continuity and steady expansion. We started as the agent of BOI (Merck Group) and in no time started marketing Sankyo Pharma’s range of products. Through very steady steps a bigger and more reputable name was established and started the promotion of Inkeysa’s products. On the same track with similar but with more dynamic and aggressive strategy, we are in the process of registering a handful of companies to broaden even more our spectrum at a much faster pace. Due to our proven record of excellence, today Power Pharm is enjoying constant growth and expansion Overview Power Pharm is a local company dealing mainly with the promotion and distribution of medical products in Lebanon. Through our rock solid promotional network, and highly skilled sales force, we offer fast and reliable services to both medics and medical institutions. Our holistic quality system insures excellence on all operational levels, where it is interpreted by the final consumer as premium products and even better services. We have been moving ahead with the firm knowledge that people and services are our priority.
Website: www.powerpharm.net

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