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In the world of nutrition, it is not enough for one to simply learn the science and apply it. Though that is important, it is not all. That is why at Nourish'd Clinic your experience will be one of a kind.

Nour Nashef, a licensed dietitian and AUB graduate, is committed to providing the best services to those who seek them. Due to her wide expertise before founding the Clinic in 2013, she has gathered enough experience to confidently embark on this task: she has worked in a hospital, at a catering company, at NGOs and at AUB, all of which left her more knowledgeable than when she entered.

‚ÄčNour’s approach to diet counselling relies heavily on motivating her patients, for there is no weight loss secret: motivation is one of the essential keys to success on the journey to an active, healthy lifestyle. Another is being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Though these skills are largely uniform no matter the person, one cannot deny that each patient’s case is different. Therefore, Nour tailors diet plans according to every person’s usual eating patterns, work/study hours, and personal preferences. The process is a highly personal one, for Nour is committed to making every person feel their utmost best.

She helps people with their weight issues, be it weight loss or gain, and she caters to pregnant and lactating women, diabetic and pre-diabetic patients, renal patients, obese children and adolescents, elderly patients, and people suffering from other diseases. She helps them reach and maintain their goal weight by changing their mindset, and this changes the lives of so many people. When one is comfortable in his own skin, the opportunities are endless, and Nour is dedicated to instilling this feeling in every person she treats.

At the beginning of 2016, Nourish'd Clinic undertook a new task of catering at events, as well as starting a daily delivery meal plan for whoever wishes to follow it. As the Clinic grows, so does Nour’s enthusiasm and will to help people!

Facing Bank Audi, Nader Building, 2nd floor
Jal el Dib, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

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