Showcase Lebanon

Benz S Coupe Benz C180 Sports Range Rover Cheverolet Tahoe c 180 mercedes Cheverolet Tahoe Duster Toureg Kia Sorento Kia Sportage Picanto
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SHOWCASE Lebanon Rent a Car Company

Showcase Car Rental offers you cars suitable for all tastes; economic cars to luxury cars; small cars, to the bulkiest SUVs. We deliver the car wherever you are: the airport, your home, your office or even to your garage. If you have family or business employees / clients coming in from abroad, you can order online and have a car pre-delivered to their hotels or even the airport. We also offer chauffeur services, removing the stress of driving in traffic or unfamiliar roads off your back.

Our fleet offers the latest car models, that undergo regular maintenance and check-ups, for your security and peace of mind.