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Mount Lebanon


Mount Lebanon is the central region, covering the frontal mountain range and the coast below it, resulting in a region of great variety and natural beauty.

The climate varies greatly between different areas of Mount Lebanon and the cool summer breeze in the mountains makes its towns an ideal summer resort, while the snow capped mountains in the winter attracts people for skiing and sight seeing.

The coastal strip below includes bustling cities and beach resorts, surrounded by an agricultural area producing banana and oranges. Mount Lebanon is very rich in archaeological sites and historical cities and towns with many tourist attractions and famous hotels and restaurants.

What’s more, all interesting towns and cities in the Mount Lebanon are no more than one hour’s drive from Beirut.

Jounieh and Kasslik A small red roofed town that has grown into a bustling city with modern buildings and active night life stealing the show from Beirut. Its shopping centres, hotels and restaurants compete with the best in the world.

Jounieh lies on a beautiful bay making it an ideal beach resort> Every visitor should take a ride in the telefrique up to Harissa where the Lady of Lebanon stands high and mighty 620 m above sea level with fantastic views down below of the bay of Jounieh and the whole of Beirut.

What to see

  •   Harissa - Lady of Lebanon Towering above Jounieh’s Bay
  •   Jeita Grottoes Nature’s marvel
  •   Byblos Oldest Historical Town
  •   Faqra archaeological site
  •   Faraya ski resort and Natural Bridge
  •   Beiteddine 12th Century Palace
  •   Mir Amine Palace Hotel
  •   Deir el Qamar Historical town
  •   Commemorative inscriptions at Dog River dating back to Ramses II (1290 B.C.)
  •   Barouk (1790m above sea level) with groves of Cedar trees on its slopes

Summer Resorts
Beit Meri Baabdat
Broummana Sofar
Feytroun Bhamdoun 
Reyfoun  Aley
Hammana Falougha

Winter Resorts

Where to Stay
Mount Lebanon enjoys lovely views and cool summers in the mountainous areas, as well as luxury beach resorts with all facilities for the city levers.

Food and Drink
Mount Lebanon has some of the most famous Restaurants in Lebanon, some of which are only opened in the summer months. Specialties vary, most are known for their delicious Mezza the Lebanese cuisine.

Sea also Dbayeh Municipality        Beiteddine Palace

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