150 Bread Recipes

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150 Bread Recipes

Bake Bread Like a Pro

Bread maker machines have become enormously popular in recent years and it is not difficult to understand why, when you can simply pop in the ingredients and let the machine make fabulous bread for you.

Enjoy Delicious hot home baked Bread with your family and loved ones, by following the easy to use recipes. Surprise friends with a new Bread Recipe every time.
If you own a bread machine, this is the book you need, with over 150 fantastic recipes for every make of machine.
Although all machines come with a basic manual and some recipes, they barely scratch the surface of what is possible. 150 Bread Recipes will enable you to get the best possible use from your machine.
In 150 Bread Recipes you will find delicious, mouth-watering recipes like these:
  • Anadama Bread Recipe
  • Absolutely Apricot Bread Recipe
  • Aloha Loaf Recipe
  • Amish Bread Recipe
  • Apple Cranberry Nut Bread Recipe
  • Bailey's Irish Cream Bread Recipe
  • Banana Bread Recipe
  • Beer Cheese Bread Recipe
  • Buttermilk Pumpernickel Recipe
  • Caesar's Sourdough Bread Recipe
  • Cajun Spice Bread Recipe
  • Dill Onion Bread Recipe
  • Easy French Bread Recipe
  • English Muffin Bread Recipe
  • Famous Onion Bread Recipe
  • Heavenly Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
  • Hot Jalapeno Bread Recipe
  • Luscious Luau Bread Recipe
  • Oreo Cookie Bread Recipe
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread Recipe
  • Reuben Bread Recipe
  • Summer Fruit Bread Recipe
  • Sweet Potato Pecan Bread Recipe
  • Yorkshire Spice Bread Recipe
and Many More Bread Recipe!

Imagine the smell of fresh bread coming from your kitchen, it's so easy! Just add the ingredients, push a button, and you'll get compliments from your family and friends, as if you had spent long hours in your kitchen! 
Buy 150 Bread Recipes for only $5 and you can be baking a loaf of delicious bread for your family in minutes!
150 Bread Recipes is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

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