Seif Beauty Clinic

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Seif Beauty Clinic


Special packages for LibanMall Visitors:

For Reservation: +961 70 65 66 66

1-HAIR TRANSPLANT $3,000  $2,500

Hair Transplant Without Surgery
within 1 day using FUE method
without pain, without cuts, without stitches
You can travel in the same day

For reservation: +961 70 65 66 66


2-LIPOSUCTION  $2,500  $2,000

Very fast and easy procedure to lose fat and tighten up your skin in a safe way.

Local anesthesia is used (you’re awake during the procedure)
The dr. will do a tiny incision about the size of the tip of a pen, no stitches will be done

The fat cells are permanently destroyed
The liquefied fat is gently suctioned out
New collagen is produced resulting in tightening of skin 
This procedure will take one hour per area, you can finish it and go no need for a second person to drive you back home.

For reservation: +961 70 65 66 66

3-LIFTING by laser  $3,000  $2,500

lifting by laser technology
double chin, hips, arms, tummy

ONE HOUR $2,500

For reservation: +961 70 65 66 66

4-Hair Laser Removal $1,200  $1,000 / session

Using latest technology GME Laser: LinScane

Free after 4 sessions
Less pain, Less Time, Less Cost

For reservation: +961 70 65 66 66


Medical Beauty Centers in Lebanon

More than 10 years ago, Seif Beauty Clinic started offering state of the art services and treatments to clients from Lebanon and the Middle East. As one of the leaders in our field, our mission is to cater to your needs and wellbeing as well as to deliver high standard services, quality and luxurious treatments.

We strive to give our clients unforgettable services, with a very unique experience of relaxation, pampering and beauty treatments.
Our 10 branches are located all over Lebanon where we receive clients from Lebanon and neighboring Middle East and European countries.
We invite you to relax in our friendly tranquil environment, where our highly qualified staff will be happy to deliver premier health and beauty services. At the end of the treatment you will have time to change and freshen up to rejoin the world, totally relaxed and rejuvenated.



Seif Beauty Clinic - JouniehSpecial packages for LibanMall Visitors

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