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The Eventer by Marc Ghazar, Events Organizers in Lebanon, business events, wedding organizers, private events, product launching, music events
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The Eventer By Marc Ghazar

Our Services

The Gala: Be it an annual Company Dinner, a Fundraising, a political gathering, or a Fifty Years anniversary, at the Eventer, we offer more than 150 different menus, ranging between seated four course dinners to open buffets, with unlimited options for table setting, theme, entertainment, and location, making your Gala a fabulous five star experience.

The Launching:
Any product, Idea, Concept you would like to launch, needs proper attention. It has to be launched where suits best, and the way it deserves to be. We provide the perfect context for your event, with a little touch of extra care. The Eventer can also invite the press and draw media attention to your event. Always remember that the Best Sellers, need the best Lauch.

The Party:
From Bachelors to birthdays and wedding anniversaries, personalized ideas that please you and leave your guests stunned.

The Wedding:
For that one and only special day in everybody’s life, the Eventer does not do it the typical way. We listen to you until we reach your dreams, and turn those dreams into reality. Highly connected in the Wedding industry, and always in search for unusual places and venues for weddings, The Eventer take care of all aspects of your wedding: Venue choosing, decoration, table setting, flowers, Light and Sound, Live Entertainment, Catering, Service Staff, Bars, Hostessing, Cars, Fireworks, but most of all, The Eventer creates a jamais-vu theme for the night all your dreams come true.

The Private Event: Confidential.
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